Losing weight with Lean Health

Brian Roesch, of Quinter High School, lost 47lbs after reading Lean Health!

Making Mistakes Almost Impossible!


My 2018 theme is “Expose”…expose my entire company to operational excellence around the world!

Decorquip Greeting

Paul sends a greeting to Decorquip and welcomes them on their Lean journey.

Want to know the Kaizen Hat story?

Paul Akers tells the story of the Kaizen Hat and how it came to be! It is to honor the Japanese people for everything he has learned from them.

Welcome Italian Entrepreneurs

Paul Akers will be speaking in Italy the summer of 2018. Stay tune for more information!

To check out Paul’s speaking page, go to this link.

Reducing Mindless Consumption

Paul Akers discusses how by 3S’ing his closet (Sweep, Sort & Standardize) he can easily find what he wants and reduces the need for buying more clothes.

Do you pay attention to your non-value adding activities?

Japan Study Mission | Team 15 recap

Watch a recap from the Japan Study Mission Team 15. What a life changing event!

For more information on the Japan Study Mission, go to this link.

What My Dad Taught Me | Principle 1

Paul Akers shares principle #1 of what he learned from his dad: Be a force of nature!