Noodle for your Noodle

Walters & Wolf, sent us this video. Now that is using your noodle to fix what bugs you! Every day, a 2 second improvement!

Are you thinking outside the pigpen?


Too Many Keys?

Paul, of Walters & Wolf, sent us this video showing how he fixed the problem of too many/lost keys. Great idea!

Want to lose 242 pounds in one day?

Losing 242 pounds

2 Second Lean in Revista Líderes

We were just notified that 2 Second Lean was promoted in Revista Líderes on April 25, 2016. Revista Líderes is part of the Grupo El Comercio in Ecuador and is one of Ecuador’s leading weekly newspapers on business and economics (circulation 26,000). Cool!

Lean Packaging!

Brian Sheldon, of Sheldon Woodworks, sent us this video. Does seeing Lean make you want to be better?

Onward Nation Podcast

Check out this podcast where Paul speaks with Stephen Woessner about deliberately improve everyday!

Hackaday Post

Check out the shout out to FastCap on Hackaday’s blog post entitled “PATH TO CRAFTSMANSHIP: SAFETY, CLEANLINESS, AND DOCUMENTATION AS HABITS”. It is great read!

Thank You Iowa

Paul Akers shares his experience with BI Group over the last year, including his most recent visit to Iowa.

For more information on the BI Group, visit their website

Thanks you Iowa

Iowa Road Tour in Russian

I Lost 60 Pounds

IanbeforeafterHi Paul…Since we chat a few months ago I kept my lean health journey with constant weight loss and absolutely no sickness. People around me got sick 2 or 3 times but I was shielded. I came from 247 to 186 pounds since mid November. 60 pounds in 4 months! My wife with her great support, join me on lean health habits and also lost 33 pounds. I was trying to understand how we could change our minds so quickly, but i got the answer AGAIN from one of your videos, “Don’t accept average”. Thats what I’m focused to do in every aspect of my life. I’m 26 now, my wife is 24 and we both got back to our shape of 8 year ago. I will send you some pictures of before and wile on our lean health. Thank you very much Paul! Ian