Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch

Get on a Southwest flight to anywhere, buy shoes from, pants from Nordstrom, groceries from Whole Foods, anything from Costco, a Starbucks espresso, or a Double-Double from In N’ Out, and you’ll get a taste of these brands’ vibrant cultures.
Culture is a balanced blend of human psychology, attitudes, actions, and beliefs that combined create either pleasure or pain, serious momentum or miserable stagnation. A strong culture flourishes with a clear set of values and norms that actively guide the way a company operates. Employees are actively and passionately engaged in the business, operating from a sense of confidence and empowerment rather than navigating their days through miserably extensive procedures and mind-numbing bureaucracy. Performance-oriented cultures possess statistically better financial growth, with high employee involvement, strong internal communication, and an acceptance of a healthy level of risk-taking in order to achieve new levels of innovation. To read more

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Lean 50% improvement vs 2 Second Improvement

Paul Akers answers a question from a listener about 50% improvement vs 2 second improvement and Lean Principles. For more information about 2 Second Lean, visit our website.

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Amazon Team Review What They Learn On FastCap Tour

The Amazon team review of FastCap’s Learn To See Tour. For more information about FastCap, visit our website.

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Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Cleaning Cart

Austin shows us “what is lean” when it comes to a cleaning cart.

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Listening to 2 Second Lean

Listening to 2 Second Lean on the drive to Charlotte! Kreg

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Thomas and Suzie Visit FastCap

Thomas and Suzie came from a large bank in Slovakia to work with FastCap for 30 days to learn how we build a lean culture.

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2 Second Lean Q&A

Paul answers questions from a reader of his book, 2 Second Lean.

#1 What came first, the structure or the culture?
#2 Did you direct and educate at the beginning or did you let the teams lead?

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Culture Isn’t Costly

Tue Dec 27, 2011

Successful company culture can make the difference between a workplace people dread and one they brag about. You don’t have to have a Google-sized budget to offer great culture. Many culture-changing initiatives have no direct costs to the company. In fact, when properly executed, culture-improving initiatives can lower company costs in both the short and long term. To Read More

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Cornerstone Christian School – Lean School Desk

Emma shows us “what is lean” when it comes to organizing the classroom desks.

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Cornerstone Christian School – Lean Instruments

Austin shows us “what is lean” when it comes to organizing instruments.

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