Lean Clamshell

Lukas uses a crimper we had on had to close the clamshell. Much more Lean than the stapler!

08.20.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Lean, Lean Fastcap

Lean Strapper Machine

Lukas makes many Lean improvements to the Strapper Machine.

Lean Cardboard Bin

Lukas fixed what bugs him about the cardboard bin.

Lean Quick Mandrel Build Area

Lyle makes a number of improvements to Lean out FastCap’s Quick Mandrel build area.

Lean Box Handle

Lyle adds a handle to the PowerHead Screws box to make it safer.

Lean Garage Door Opener

Lyle uses a FastCap SpeedClip to make emptying the trash easier.

Lean Draft Stoppers

Jen and Rhonda work together, and with the help of Jayme, fix what bugs them.

Lean SawHood Clamp Drill Cleanup

Lukas gets creative on how best to clean up while drilling FastCap’s SawHood Clamp.

Lean Kaizen Foam Tool Display

Lean Grease

Peter starts with a grease gun and ends up with FastCap’s GluBot. When it comes to improving improvements, the sky is the limit!