Lean Shop Vac Hose

Lean Face Mask

Peter uses FastCap’s FastWrap to #fixwhatbugsyou about his face mask

n Fa

Sealant Saver to the rescue!

Lean Build Lights

Matt gets creative using FastCap’s Remote Control Vacuum to light up what parts should be included in his Best Fence build.

Lean Pallet Moves

Zack uses strong visual controls to make moving pallets easier.

Lean TV Remotes

Lyle uses FastCap’s Kaizen Foam to keep the rope tight with the tv remotes.

Lean Kaizen Foam Scraper build

Lukas works his magic at FastCap’s Kaizen Foam Scraper build area.

Lean Best Fence Build Station

Matt & Saed are always looking for ways to improve the Best Fence build station!


Lean Wire

Matt finds a creative way to make the wire easier to find during the Best Fence build.

Lean Grinder Collection

Peter and Skylar never fail to impress with their creative solutions!