Lean Cords

Paul Comi @ Spectacular Trim fixes what bugs him…long cords!

Want to keep blinds in their place?

Brian Kliss, of Kliss Cabinets, get creative with FastCap’s PowerMags and Kolbe Korners to keep his blinds in place and fix what bugs him!

Lean Screw Gun Holder

Brian Kliss shows his #2secondlean improvements for the day!

Lean Disposal Jack build area

Saed shows the before and after of 3S’ing the Disposal Jack build area.

Lean Injection Molding

Skyler and Peter are a dynamic duo…always come up with creative solutions!

Antique Canoe Display

Paul gets creative and uses FastCap’s SpeedBraces to hold up his old canoe.

2cSecond Lean Every Day!

Brian Kliss, of Kliss Cabinets, shared this video of his #2secondlean improvements for the day!


Are you embracing Lean with urgency?

Lean Jig!

Lyle finds yet another way to improve the Magnet Holder Jig!

Lean Cord Retractor