USS Nimitz

On this week’s show, Paul Akers flies from NASNI on a U.S. Navy C-2 Greyhound aircraft heading for a stay on the aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz, as part of the Commander Naval Air Forces Pacific (CNAP) Distinguished Visitor (DV) Program!

How often do you think about applying Lean at home?

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Are you a lean crawler???

Filipe Marques, of Torre, sent us this video 4 years ago discussing how he would much rather be a lean crawler then a lean thinking. Still profound!!!

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Want to cut down on router dust?

Forklifts for sale

Forklifts for sale! We are switching to stand up forklifts, so if you are interested, please call or WhatsApp Paul at +13609413748.

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Want to see our best improvements of 2019?

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Update on the 2P-10 Building

Zack makes it easier to build FastCap’s 2P-10 Solo Kit

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Even the FastCap dogs are Lean!

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Are you running the experiment?

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Japan Experience filling up fast!

Past attendees of the 2 Second Lean Japan Experience (formerly the Japan Study Mission) explain what they learned in Japan and how it changed their lives. Interested in learning more? Go to this link.

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