Lean Best Fence Build

Dennis improves the build process for FastCap’s Best Fence.

iPhone Tip

Roy Thoman shared this tip with me. Hope it helps some of you!

03.22.20 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Tech Tips

Lean Cap

Terrel uses his wits, not his wallet to make a better cap!

Lean Grout Gun Tube

Peter finds a creative way to clean out the Grout Gun tube.

Peter finds a

Lean Cow Tagging

Ever tagged a cow? Thomas Riner, the Lean Farmer, shows us the Lean way to get it done.

Lean Table Saw

Are you taking the time to #fixwhatbugsyou & make work easier?

Lean Workflow

Lukas works with Christian and Lauren to improve the workflow at FastCap.

Lean 11th Finger Jig

Lukas improves the 11th Finger jig, making it faster and easier to build.

Lean Drums

Thomas Riner, the Lean Farmer, sent us this video showing how his son fixed what bugs him about his drums.

Lean vacuuming under cart