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Paul’s Example of a Video Resume

Paul Akers gives an example of how to do a lean video resume.

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Graham Johnson Video Resume 2014

Video Resume for Graham Johnson (Lean All-Star) with introduction from Paul Akers. [Note: Graham is no longer looking for a job.]

Walters & Wolf: Where’s Shop B?

Scott Daily, General Manager at Maxwell Counters, Inc., sent us their first lean video. Congratulation to getting started on the journey!

Then Paul challenged them to take it one step further. Check out this video by Walters and Wolf (who have been doing lean for several years now).

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MAPP Roundtable Interview

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator, leads a global round table at MAPP’s Benchmarking & Best Practices Conference in Indianapolis on October 17, 2013.

Round Table Participants
Ashley Bailey from Klime-Ezee
Kelly Goodsel of Viking Plastics
Nick Kocelj of Walters & Wolf
Michael Althoff of Yellotools
Greg Glebe of Xylem Design
Paul Akers of FastCap

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Klime-Ezee: Lean Journey

Ashley Bailey, of Klime-Ezee, provides an excellent summary of the first 12 months of their lean journey. What an inspiration!

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Lean Hole Punch

Daniel sent us this Review of Paul’s book, 2 Second Lean. Great thoughts!

“I just finished reading the last six chapters last night…

The final big take-away I got from the book were your comments about Kaizen events (p. 110) and how they really are an uneven approach to Lean that can be disruptive or even burdensome and thus hard to get buy-in for. I also think they are maybe a bit disempowering because they send the message that change is something we can only do occasionally with big projects, and outside of that it is business as usual. Unfortunately this is how almost all Lean initiatives start, in part I think because it is a model that works well for consultants. But governments and politicians like big projects for other reasons as well.

Contrast that to my 2 second improvement this morning. There was a hole punch that wasted about five minutes of my time yesterday because it seized up on the 24-sheet document I tried to hole-punch yesterday. Today literally 15 seconds with some shredder oil I brought from home fixed that problem for anyone else who uses that hole punch in the coming months, saving probably hours of waste all told. One beauty of this is that I didn’t need any executive sign-off or stakeholder consultations to do this. While it is small, the return is probably measurable in 1,000s of percents! If you do that every day, with everyone in an organization, how can you not have amazing results?

For myself, it also caused me to realize that hole-punching is overprocessing to begin with, I can just keep a document in a folder and it is actually easier for me to work with that way.

Even better (now that I am actually using my brain on this problem which I would have thought beneath me), I can read and annotate a document electronically and avoid even the step of printing it (Overprocessing), going to the printer (Motion), _Waiting_ for my job to come out, and bringing it back to my desk (Transportation), filing it away (Motion / Inventory), and then, all too often, realizing I actually needed a different report (Defect), or just a few pages of it (Overproduction), and while I am dealing with all that Waste I am being Underutilized by my department and wasting the customer’s (taxpayer’s) dollar. There we go, all the 8 wastes just in the act of printing a document!”

2013 Iowa Jobs Training Lean Consortium

Paul Akers will be speaking at the 2013 Iowa Jobs Training Lean Consortium at North Iowa Area Community College. Paul will be speaking about his book, 2 Second Lean. For more information on 2 Second Lean, visit his website. For more information on the 2013 Iowa Jobs Training Lean Consortium, go to this link.

Interview with Hannah

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator broadcast, interviews FastCap employee Hannah about her thoughts on lean and working at a lean organization. For more information on The American Innovator, visit our website.

Waste Runway

Bankers in Europe dress up in waste to illustrate how waste is everywhere, and have some fun in the process.