Chris Gustafson, of Vintage Window Restoration, sent us this video showing a creative use of FastCap’s PowerMags. Never know when they will come in handy! For more information on this product, visit our website.

Quote from Chris, “I restore historic wood windows for a living and life is growing fast, I truly believe lean and kaizen has been a significant part of the rate of efficiency and growth. I’ve been following and learning lean for the past 2 years, did the book, seen the videos, shop is kaizened and 3-S’d. It’s been one hell of a ride.”

Do We Trust our People to make Lean Improvements?

Question: In practical application, what degree of control or oversight is in place governing the improvements employees may undertake on a daily basis, regardless of how large or small they may be? How to you prevent a runaway train? I understand that mistakes are ok and expected given that the greater good will prevail, just don’t quite grasp how you keep the rope tight on this issue.

Answer (from Paul Akers): We train of people like crazy. We have lean leads. We have expert lean implementers available for consultation.

The American Innovator – Lean Roundtable #3 – How Engaged is Your Team

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator, moderates the third lean roundtable where this month’s discussion focuses on how engaged are your people? The panel is comprised of the following lean fanatics:

Michael Althoff of Yellotools
Ashley Bailey from Klime-Ezee
Bruce Ennis from Be Quality
Greg Glebe of Xylem Design
Loren Jones of Xylem Design
Nick Koceljl of Walters & Wolf
Ron Pereira of Gemba Academy
Joe Danko of SnapCab
Paul Akers of FastCap

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