Lean Quad Trimmer Blades

Lean Tape Measure Selection

Matt comes up with a creative way to select the right tape measure for the Best Fence build.

Lean Flex Bench Build Cart

Tyler and Adam work together to create a Flex Bench build cart.

Mistake Proof Stickers

Mold Poka-yoke

Lean Lathe

Tyler makes it hard to accidentally put the lathe in reverse. That’s called mistake-proofing or Poka-yoke.


Lean CNC Z Stop

Dennis uses his wits, not his wallet to quickly adjust the CNC Z Stop.

Want to see a Lean team tackle?

3rd Hand Mag Door | Poka-yoke

Truman uses Poka-yoke to make sure the 3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier Door station stays Lean.

Lean Production Vacuum

First Jayme, then Lyle & Jen, then Jen, then Lukas improve FastCap’s production vacuum. What a great team effort!

FastCap products used:
Holey FastWrap
Kaizen Foam
Fastcap Cover Caps