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Seating Matters November Improvements

Ryan Tierney, at Seating Matters, share their favorite improvements for the month.

Lean LaserMount Station

Lyle fixes what bugs him at the LaserMount station.

Why is Lean fun?

Paul Akers answers the question, “Why is Lean fun?”

Blue Bin Storage Area

Jen shows how the Blue Bin storage area should be organized while Truman adds an additional improvement to the storage cart.

Is Lean Really Simple?

Paul states that yes, Lean really is simple.

2 Second Lean

Did you know that 2 Second Lean is now available in 14 languages (most recent is German) and that most of the translations were done by Lean Maniacs around the world? Is this the perfect gift for the Lean Maniac in your life?

How to NOT memorize the 8 wastes

Paul Akers discusses the 8 wastes: Over-production, Over-processing, Excess inventory, Defects, Transportation, Unused employee potential, Wasted motion, Waiting times.

Hello Australia

Paul Akers will be speaking at the Moddex Muster – Lean 19 on January 10, 2019, at the Brolga Theatre and Convention Center in Maryborough, Queensland.