Omotenashi means a spirit of hospitality and it is one of Paul’s favorite things about Japan.

Want to know the Kaizen Hat story?

Paul Akers tells the story of the Kaizen Hat and how it came to be! It is to honor the Japanese people for everything he has learned from them.

Meet Clyde

Clyde, a customer of FastCap, started doing 2 Second Lean and now he is buried in work!

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What is the Definition of Quality?

Paul Akers has a conversation about Lean with Norman and Noriko Bodek.

TOTO Museum

Paul Akers learned a lot about toilets at the TOTO Museum. For more information on this museum, visit their website.

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Do you use QR Codes to document processes?

Lukas and Brady hooked up an intercom and used Lean to demonstrate how to use it.

CW Applied Technology

Paul Akers sends encouragement to CW Applied Technology. What’s going on in Ireland?

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FastCap Best Improvements 2018

Paul and Lukas show the best improvements at FastCap during 2018.

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Want to see what exceptional leadership looks like?

Lean Hose

Greg shows how he keeps his vacuum hose organized.