Are you a lean crawler???

Filipe Marques, of Torre, sent us this video 4 years ago discussing how he would much rather be a lean crawler then a lean thinking. Still profound!!!

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Hugh Visits Seating Matters

Do you dance at your morning meetings?

Lean Parking Garage

Paul Akers discusses the Lean vertical parking garages in Japan.

Mini Fueling Trucks

Paul Akers found some mini fueling trucks in Japan. Now that is Lean!

Japan Study Mission Team 32



At Kyushu Steel

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Amazing McDonald’s

Paul Akers shows what it is like to visit McDonald’s in Japan.

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In-depth Insight on the Industry Books That Make a Difference

Want to deepen your grasp of continuous improvement? Check out this link by Go Lean Six Sigma.

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Want to know what to do when your boss doesn’t get Lean?

I get asked so often, it bears repeating!


On this week’s show, Paul Akers visits Hoks, the company that changed his life.

Scott Ford’s Lean home shop

Check out Scott Ford’s Lean home shop. It is really dialed in!