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Crazy Lean Thrift Store!

Paul Akers visits a thrift store in Japan to find out just how Lean they are. Do you have a deep sense of regret to waste anything?

Total Participation

Want to see what total participation looks like in a company starting Lean? Well, watch is video shared with my be Paul at Kukoon Rugs.

Are you fixing what bugs you?

Thomas Gafgen, of Thomas P. Gafgen Cabinetmakers in Cream Ridge, New Jersey sent us this video showing genius way to store Tupperware lids! For more information on Thomas P. Gafgen Cabinetmakers, visit their website.


Paul Akers takes us along as he visits a Toto manufacturing plant, a stop on the Japan Study Mission. For more information on the Japan Study Mission, go to this page.

Zero Ambiguity

Paul Akers discusses the importance of zero ambiguity. The little things matter!

How would you like to double your production?

Paul Akers interviews Jason, of Merryweather Foam about their implementation of Lean. For more information on Merryweather Foam, visit their website.

The Art of Screwing Up

Are you failing often and failing fast?

How Lean changed my life

Steffen shares how Lean and the Japan Study Mission changed his life. For more information on the Japan Study Mission, go to this page.


Clyde, a customer of FastCap, started doing 2 Second Lean and now he is buried in work!


The Japan Study Mission Team 28 were privileged to visit Hoks. What an incredible opportunity to learn from the best!

For more information about Hoks, visit their website. For more information about the Japan Study Mission, go to this page.