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How to Delegate Stuff?

Paul Akers discusses the key to delegate more.

Lean Drawer Slides

Tyler and Greg use their wits to come up with a faster, easier, Lean way to line up slides on drawers.

Lean Mondo Grout Gun

Greg hit all the points on this improvement…safer, higher quality, simpler, and faster. Very well done!

Lean SpeedTape Measurement

Peter and Truman use their wits to turn the SpeedTape measurement process from a two-person job into a one-person job.

Are you keeping the rope tight?

Paul makes improvements to the Cruzin Cap staging area. Something we call “keeping the rope tight”.

Lean Injection Molding Clamps

Dennis and Tyler get creative to save time with the injection molding clamps. That’s using your wits, not your wallet.

Lean Saw Stache Clean Up

Truman comes up with a creative, yet simple way to clean up after cutting FastCap’s Saw Stache.

Lean Work Area

Peter improves his work area saving time and effort. Have you fixed what bugs you today?

Lean Shipping Cart

Truman uses FastCap’s FastPipe Table Top Connectors to make a new shipping cart. For more information on FastCap’s FastPipe, visit our website.

Are you using strong visual controls?

Lyle and Truman Lean out the Zero Clearance Tape Station.