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FastCap Best Improvements 2018

Paul and Lukas show the best improvements at FastCap during 2018.

Lean Hose

Greg shows how he keeps his vacuum hose organized.

Lean Workspace

Lukas uses various FastCap products to help organize the pallets and workspaces.

Lean Drawer Front Clamps Build

Peter, with the help of Skyler, makes continuous improvements to the Drawer Front Clamp assemble area.

Lean Kanban Cards

Lukas discusses his update to the Kanban cards.

Blue Bin Storage Area

Jen shows how the Blue Bin storage area should be organized while Truman adds an additional improvement to the storage cart.

Lean Laminator

Lukas add a front an and back feeder to the new laminator to make it very easy to use.

Lean FastCap Showroom

Lyle upgrades the “Scratch and Dent” section of FastCap’s showroom using things he found at FastCap. That’s using your wits, not your wallet.

Pallet Kanban Improvement

Lukas adds a kanban to the pallets to make life easier for Christian & Dalton. Christian updates the online kanban process to make life easier for everyone!