Archive for Lean Fastcap – Page 4

Lean Magnetic Dust Door Build

Lukas finds a way to make make it faster and safer to add the monkey foot to the pole at the Magnetic Dust Door build station.

Lean Cord Retractor

Peter finds a simple solution to fix what bugs him and others.

Lean 3rd Hand Contractor Pack Build

Lukas explains how he used the Lean principle of wasted motion to Lean out the 3rd Hand Contractor Pack build area.

Lean GluBot Gaskets

Lyle and Lukas work together to improve the GluBot Gasket parts area.

Lean Bathroom Bucket

Christian changed out the flip up handle on the bathroom bucket for FastCap’s Quick Grip handle.

Lean Cubby Light Build Box

Lyle reorganized the Cubby Light build box bringing order to chaos. Now that’s Lean.

Lean Product Parts Cart

Dalton and Truman fixed what bugged them by creating a production parts cart made out of FastCap’s FastPipe.

Are you keeping the rope tight?

Paul makes improvements to the Cruzin Cap staging area. Something we call “keeping the rope tight”.

Lean Mondo Grout Gun Labels

Lyle and Yelena work together to save motion at the Mondo Grout Gun build station.

Zero Ambiguity

Paul Akers discusses the importance of zero ambiguity. The little things matter!