Lean Tape Measure Selection

Matt comes up with a creative way to select the right tape measure for the Best Fence build.

Lean 2P-10 Kit Build

Lean Accordion File

Zack and Peter make it much easier to get into the accordion file at the ETR station.

Lean Injection Molding Clamps

Skylar fixed what bugs him on the clamps for the injection molding machine.

Safe FastPipe Shipping

Saed makes shipping the FastPipe safer. Great job Peter on the assist!

Lean Injection Molding

Peter and Skyler continue to #fixwhatbugyou in the Injection molding area.

Eliminate Injection Molding Cart II

Peter and Skyler continue the work to eliminate the Injection molding cart. So smart!


Eliminate Injection Molding Cart

Peter and Skyler work together to eliminate the Injection molding cart. So smart!

Lean Drill Bit Fix

Are you continually improving your improvements? Matt shows us how!

Lean Paint Table

Are you using your wits, not your wallet? Matt shows us how!