How are you dealing with these trying times?

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Lean Best Fence Build

Dennis improves the build process for FastCap’s Best Fence.

Lean Cap

Terrel uses his wits, not his wallet to make a better cap!

Lean Grout Gun Tube

Peter finds a creative way to clean out the Grout Gun tube.

Peter finds a

Lean Lathe

Tyler makes it hard to accidentally put the lathe in reverse. That’s called mistake-proofing or Poka-yoke.


Lean Table Saw

Are you taking the time to #fixwhatbugsyou & make work easier?

Does a couple of inches make that much difference?

Lean Workflow

Lukas works with Christian and Lauren to improve the workflow at FastCap.

Lean 11th Finger Jig

Lukas improves the 11th Finger jig, making it faster and easier to build.

UpFlip Interview Pt 2

Serg Belous from UpFlip continues his interview with Paul Akers about the incredible success of 2 Second Lean.

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