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Paul Akers discusses the criteria for making an improvement: Safety, Quality, Simplicity, Speed. Then he and Alisha work together to make a lean improvement based on Simplicity.

Walking Waste

Paul Akers demonstrated how FastCap employee saved time and effort emptying the trash.

FastCap’s Workshop

Paul Akers answers a question from Ben about FastCap’s Lean Workshop. Paul shows Ben how FastCap’s workshop is set up. For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

For more information on FastCap products mentioned in this video, so to these links:
Kaizen Foam
Long Nose Marker

Morning Meeting Discussion

Paul Akers and the FastCap team has a discussion about “having everything you need” after watching a video by The Lean Workshop called The Tsukubai Teaches Us About Lean (

Leaving it better than you found it

Paul Akers discusses keeping the rope tight. The lean principle of leaving it better then you found it.

Amazing & Simple Lean Improvement

Austin, who builds FastCap’s Laserjamb LJ3 Pro, came up with a very simple way to open and close the buckles on the case in seconds. The idea is based on the suggestion from Wes, who toured our factory a week ago. Great idea Wes! Great implementation Austin!

Picnic Table Lean

Paul Akers shows how he improved the picnic table at FastCap so that it will be easier to keep clean, with everything in its place. For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

Lean Scooter

Paul Akers explains how Callie came up with a great idea to put magnets on the end of the scooter handlebars. Now, it is not only a lean (and fun) way to get around FastCap. It also is a lean way to store the scooters not in use.

For more information on the magnets used in this solution (FastCap’s PowerMags), go to this link.

Becoming A Lean Thinker

Think all the talk about Lean Manufacturing is a bit boring and all about charts and graphs? Read or listen to my lean manufacturing book online for free and be inspired by how easy and fun learning about lean culture, lean thinking and lean manufacturing can be. No flow charts or graphs, just the real life journey of one company and the astounding results a lean culture and lean thinking can produce. Take a few hours, read 2 Second Lean Book and change your life!

2014 Lean Leadership Summit Dinner

Join in the excitement of the folks that came to Bellingham, WA for a FastCap Facility Tour.

Tour Participants:
Charles Pankow Builders, Ltd.
MBW, Inc.
AFP Metal Products
McGough Construction
Sundt Construction