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11th Finger Process Improvement

Lukas demonstrates the original process he went through to load the magnets into FastCap’s 11th Finger (14 seconds), the process improvement steps, and the current process (3 second).

For more information on FastCap’s 11th Finger, visit our website.

6 Questions

Paul Akers responds to six questions from Brian:
1. Is the customer always right and how does the play out?
2. What is my single greatest physical lean improvement at FastCap?
3. What is your toughest situation you face at FastCap?
4. How do you balance your personal life?
5. Do you participate in morning meetings when your travel?
6. How has being a world traveler shape you both personally and professionally?

Are Your People Engaged with Lean?

Paul Akers asks his employees how deeply they are engaged in lean.


Paul Akers shows how he used the Voxer App for a Lean Conference Call from Costa Rica. For more information on Voxer, go to their website.

Mop Test

Paul Akers test out a lean mop from China to see if it meets the criteria of a 2 Second Lean improvement: Safety, Quality, Simplicity, Speed. It is called the MopAway Dry/Wet Microfiber Super Absorbent Floor Mop with Bucket. We got it on Amazon.

Mac 2 Second Improvement

Paul Akers shares improvements he has made on his Mac in order to speed up his email responses.

Lean for Larger Improvements

Paul Akers answers Eric’s question about how you do 2 Second Lean when you have a project that will last a few days or more.

Engineer Project Board

What an excellent example of visual controls from our engineer project board!

Lean and the Naysayers

Paul Akers discusses how to make lean effective by using your sphere of influence. Don’t push lean on anyone. Get good at it yourself. Get your team good at it. I guarantee they will begin to notice.

FastCap Top Improvements In 2014

Paul Akers interviews FastCap staff about their favorite lean improvement in 2014. Some are large. Some are small. All are fantastic!