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Are You Using Strong Visual Controls?

Sisters’ Reunion Day 1

On this week’s show, Paul Akers shares day 1 of the reunion between his Mom (Elizabeth), who is 95, and her two sisters (Helen & Dawn).

Lean Tension

Lean Dog Food Station

Want to see what dog upkeep looks like after you’ve been on a Lean journey? Brandon Vande Brake sent us this video showing how he improved his dog food station. So dialed in!

Lean Knuckle Bender build, Pt2

Are you working together to improve improvements? Great job Lyle!

Lean Knuckle Bender build, Pt1

Are you shining a light on items that need to be fixed? Great job, Mitch!

Lean Packaging Cart

Mind-boggling. This awesome! Max is a great Lean thinker and are very humble and willing to improve. So inspiring.

95 Years

On this week’s show, Paul’s Mom discusses what she has learned in the past 95 years on this earth.

Lean Mag Door Build