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Paul Akers find the perfect example to explain poka-yoke: any mechanism in any process that helps an equipment operator avoid (yokeru) mistakes (poka). Its purpose is to eliminate product defects by preventing, correcting, or drawing attention to human errors as they occur. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up & subscribe to our channel.

Lean Bathroom Bucket

Christian changed out the flip up handle on the bathroom bucket for FastCap’s Quick Grip handle.

The Holy Triad

Paul Akers discusses The Holy Triad: Health; Relationships; Career. For more information on Lean Life, go to this link.


On this week’s show, Paul Akers shares the sights, sounds, and smells of a day spent in Macau.

Shortcuts App

Paul Akers discusses how he uses the Shortcut App with his Wunderlist App to save time.

For more information on the Shortcuts App, go to this link.

For more information on the Wunderlist App, go to this link.

Lean Cubby Light Build Box

Lyle reorganized the Cubby Light build box bringing order to chaos. Now that’s Lean.

Are you fixing what bugs you?

Thomas Gafgen, of Thomas P. Gafgen Cabinetmakers in Cream Ridge, New Jersey sent us this video showing genius way to store Tupperware lids! For more information on Thomas P. Gafgen Cabinetmakers, visit their website.


Paul Akers takes us along as he visits a Toto manufacturing plant, a stop on the Japan Study Mission. For more information on the Japan Study Mission, go to this page.

Run the Experiment

Paul Akers discusses the Lean concept called “run the experiment”. Here is what he learned through experimenting with an arch support.

Japanese Onsen

Paul Akers spends time at a Japanese Onsen and explains the process for the Japan Study Mission Team. It not too early to sign up for the Japan Study Mission in November. In fact, Team 30 (Nov 4-9) only has 4 spots left and Team 31 (Nov11-16) only has 10 spots left. Press here for more information.