Jen’s Home Bathroom

Continuing on the bathroom theme, Jen walks us through the improvements she made to her bathroom at home. For more information on FastCap’s Traction Dots, visit our website. For more information on FastCap’s FastWrap, visit our website.

Hand Dryer Drips

Lukas shows us a creative way to keep the hand dryer from dripping on the floor! Love Lean solutions!!!

Love Pull – Hate Push!

Paul Akers describes the pull/push environments using video he received from Alikhan showing his two sons in a pull battle.

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Amazing Seating Matters

Paul Akers tours Seating Matters in Northern Ireland to see the amazing job they are doing with Lean. Every single person is involved!

For more information on Seating Matters, visit their website.

Golden State lumber Speaking Event

Paul Akers will be speaking at Golden State Lumber Executive Team in Concord, CA on January 15, 2019.

For more information on Golden State Lumber, visit their website.

Chapter 11 – Saving the Timber

On this week’s show, we listen to Chapter 11 of the brand new audio-book rendition of the Henry Ford 1926 classic, “Today and Tomorrow” brought to you by Generosity Press.

Australia AME Conference 2019

Paul Akers send out an invitation to the AME Conference (Leading Through Excellence and Innovation) in Melbourne, Australia on May 7-9, 2019.

For more information on the AME Conference, visit their website.

What do you do when people won’t follow the process?

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Lean SpeedBrace Packaging

Christian improved the packaging when shipping different size FastCap’s SpeedBrace, making it easy for FastCap and our customers!

For more information on FastCap’s SpeedBrace, visit our website.

Little Lipper Improvement

Lukas makes some changes to the Little Lipper build area to make it easier to add the new hand guard.

For more information on FastCap’s Little Lipper, visit our website.