Lean: What’s in it for me?

Brad Cairns, senior principal at The Center for Lean Learning, shared this blog post from Woodworking Network. You can reach Brad at 519-494-2883 or brad@quantumlean.ca.:

“At the Global Lean Leadership Summit in 2016, Paul Akers, author of “2 Second Lean,” pulled me aside and said, “Brad, you need to meet this guy from Germany.” Paul introduced me to Michael Althoff from Yellotools, a company that makes tools for sign makers and auto wrapping. It was very busy, but as we shook hands, Paul said, “You guys are gonna get along.”

We went our separate ways only moments later, and the event ended before I could catch up with Michael. I wanted to learn more about him and his company, but there was a pretty big catch, they were in Germany, and I was in Canada. Obviously not feasible to go there just to see someone you only met for three minutes. So, what did I do? Yup, I went to Germany!…” To read the entire post, press here.