FastCap Bathroom | Lean Bathroom

You would think that our famous FastCap Bathroom would be perfect since we always say Lean starts in the bathroom! Every FastCap tour starts with our visitors cleaning our bathroom! But Jen found a few more ways to improve our bathroom. Always improving!

“The Chomper”

Tyler improves the Beau Clip station, and then Peter takes it one step further. And then Tyler and Peter take it another step! Never stop improving!

For more information on FastCap’s BeauClip, visit our website.

Lean Construction Leaders | 4 questions

George Trachilis, or the Lean Leadership Institute (, is working on a new book, Lean Construction Leaders, and they asked Paul 4 questions:

1. How far along is the construction industry in doing Lean?
2. Why is it so important to embrace Lean ideas?
3. How to solve the problem of competing agendas of multiple sub-contractors?
4. How can construction owners succeed in their business?