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Why Small Batches are Better Than Large Batches

This is a crazy good article!


Paul Akers demonstrates how to use WhatsApp…the cross-platform mobile messaging App. This is a tool they used for the Japan Study Mission. For more information on WhatsApp, go to this link.

Chris and Robert – No Excuses

Amazing People with no excuses. Chris and Robert just finished up a tour of FastCap.

Do you take Lean on vacation with you?

How to unpeel a sticker

John Woolf shows us the Lean way to unpeel a sticker, and in the meantime, fix what bugs him!

There is something about Bota

Paul Akers discussing meeting Bota, the poster women for Lean. For more information on the BI Group, visit their website.

Max is Living Lean

Max Lemberger sent us this testimonial about how Lean Health changed his life. It is well worth the 5 minutes to watch this video. It can change your life!

Vladimir Seeing waste

Paul Akers sits down with Vladimir who explains how after watching the KKK Concrete video ( or in Russian), he now sees waste at home.

In Russian

Lean Cubicle

Mark Dvorak, of Astronics Corporation, sent us this video (his first Lean improvement video) showing how he makes small improvements every day to his cubicle. I’m sure there will be many more!!!