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FastCap Morning Meeting

Paul Akers shares a recent morning meeting at FastCap.

TPS is Flexible

Paul Akers discusses how you must allow flexibility on your Lean system.

Lean Kaizen Boxes

Jen and Jayme create a process for packing Kaizen Boxes using strong visual controls and a QR code.

2019 Global Lean Leadership Summit

Mark your calendar…the 2019 Global Lean Leadership Summit will take place on Sep 22-24 in Riverside, CA hosted by Fireblast Global & Phenix Technology! This is an invite-only event. To attend, please complete the application on the website.


Tony Spielberg, of Boone Center, Inc, shared this video and said: “…We continuously focus on lean improvements here at BCI. Have to give a huge shout out to Jenna on developing her own process improvement. LOVE my job…”

Excellent job, Jenna. Way to fix what bugs you!

FastCap Best Improvements 2018

Paul and Lukas show the best improvements at FastCap during 2018.

Is Lean Really Simple?

Paul states that yes, Lean really is simple.

Why this nun loves Japan!

When visiting a school in Japan, Paul asked the head nun about what she likes about Japan. There are additional tours of Japan coming up in April. For more information about the Japan Study Mission, go to this link.

Lean Fastcap Assembly

Lukas and Brady worked together to make the Fastcap Cover Cap assembly area Lean and mean!