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Are you keeping the rope tight?

Paul makes improvements to the Cruzin Cap staging area. Something we call “keeping the rope tight”.

Lean Mondo Grout Gun Labels

Lyle and Yelena work together to save motion at the Mondo Grout Gun build station.

Zero Ambiguity

Paul Akers discusses the importance of zero ambiguity. The little things matter!

How to Delegate Stuff?

Paul Akers discusses the key to delegate more.

100 Improvements

Paul Akers shows off the 100 Improvements he made in 4 days.

How to become a leader?

Paul Akers discusses what he learned from Bob Taylor about becoming a leader.

Safety Safety Safety

Paul Akers discusses why safety is so important in Japan.

Seating Matters Stocks Kaizen Foam

Paul Akers is excited to announce that Seating Matters in Ireland now stocks Kaizen Foam products. For more information about Seating Matters, visit their website.

How would you like to double your production?

Paul Akers interviews Jason, of Merryweather Foam about their implementation of Lean. For more information on Merryweather Foam, visit their website.

The Art of Screwing Up

Are you failing often and failing fast?