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Lean Fastcap Cover Caps Orders

Lukas organizes the Fastcap Cover Caps to make it much easier and Lean to fill orders.

Lean Grill Cleaning | Weekend Improvements

Paul Akers shares the Lean way he cleans his grill and the BBQ entire area.

Want to see what could happen if you fail to banish sloppiness?






Paul Akers’ 5th book, Banish Sloppiness,
should be available by the end of the year.

Lean Clamshell

Lukas uses a crimper we had on had to close the clamshell. Much more Lean than the stapler!

Lean Strapper Machine

Lukas makes many Lean improvements to the Strapper Machine.

Lean Cardboard Bin

Lukas fixed what bugs him about the cardboard bin.

Lean Firewood Storage

Paul Akers discusses the whole process of wood storage at his house.

Are you looking for Apps that will save you time?

For more information on the Shortcuts App, go to this link.

For more information on the Wunderlist App, go to this link.

Want to see some Lean Firewood?

Paul Akers discusses how he stores his wood for winter.

Lean Quick Mandrel Build Area

Lyle makes a number of improvements to Lean out FastCap’s Quick Mandrel build area.