Lean SpeedBrace Labels

Lukas eliminates waste at the SpeedBrace build area.

Lean Mold Brush

Peter and Skyler create a better brush to clean molds. Now that’s using your wits, not your wallet!

Lean Pen Holder

In an effort to banish sloppiness, Jen improves her pen holder.

Lean Kreg Jig Box

Dennis uses FastCap’s Kaizen Foam to improve the Kreg Jig Box.


Guitar Stringing Station

Paul Akers shows off his newly made guitar stringing station. Another favorite improvement brought to you by Lean!

Scott Ford’s Lean home shop

Check out Scott Ford’s Lean home shop. It is really dialed in!

Lean Shop Vac Filter

Some people can be so creative… and lean! Gotta try this!

06.16.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Fix What Bugs You, Lean

Want to know the Kaizen Hat story?

Paul Akers tells the story of the Kaizen Hat and how it came to be! It is to honor the Japanese people for everything he has learned from them.

Lean Shipping

Derrick sent us this video on how we’ve improved our shipping. Always improving (and always room to improve)!

06.13.19 | Categories: FastCap, Fix What Bugs You, Lean Fastcap