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Cambridge Engineering Lean

John H. Kramer, of Cambridge Engineering sent us this video he received from Blaine Wieland where he thanks Cambridge Engineering after touring their facility. Excellent insights into Lean.

Metabo Lean Manufacturing Tour

Paul Akers takes us along when he tours the Metabo factory. For more information on Metabo, visit their website.

Can you make too many improvements in single day?

Casey Johnner sent Paul Akers a question he had never heard before, “can you make too many improvements in single day?”

Madison College does Lean

Patrick Molzahn, Cabinetmaking & Millwork Program Director at Madison Area Technical College, sent us this video showing how they implemented Lean!

Another Lean Fanatic!

Terry Jull sent us this video showing his initial steps on his lean journey using whatever he can find around him!

For more information on lean, visit 2 Second Lean.

Creative use of SpeedTape

Brian Way, of BP Way, sent us this video showing how Robert used FastCap’s SpeedTape in a creative way to keep his level attached to laminate.

Lean Improvements – Keep it Simple!

Brian Sheldon, of Sheldon Woodworks, sent us this video showing how keeping it simple is important when you getting started in Lean.

Practicing Lean by Mark Graban

Practicing Lean is a collaborative eBook project initiated by and edited by Mark Graban, with Paul Akers as a contributor. If we keep practicing, we might get good at it eventually. Learn more about this eBook project at

Lean Screw Holes

Ben Hulme sent us this video and said, “Since watching your videos we’ve been seeing waste everywhere and been on a mission to get rid of it. Just one of our first small steps in the mission to eliminate waste.”

Where Have All The Lean Dreamers Gone?

Thomas Riner, of Fancy Hill Farms, sent us this article entitled Where Have All The Lean Dreamers Gone?. Love the way he thinks!!!

“…Where are all the Lean Dreamers? Instead of pouring millions or even billions into building larger planes where is the dreamer that is trying to build a smaller plane or working on reducing the size of a transportation device. Where is the dreamer who wants to see traveling from one place to another go to “single piece flow”? Can you see it? You go to the airport, but there are no large planes just small one seater or family size planes that fly at rapid speeds and can take you anywhere in the world….” To read the entire article, press here.