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The Picture Diet

Paul Akers shares one of his secrets…the Picture Diet. He and his buddies share pictures of what they eat each day to hold each other accountable.

Traveling is Easy – Bangkok Airport

Paul Akers shows us how you have to ask for what you want to eat healthy when traveling.

Excellent Health has Many Benefits

Paul Akers demonstrated how 6″ had to be taken out of his clothes to make them fit. Excellent health has many benefits!

Welcome to my Lean Health YouTube Channel

Paul Akers welcomes everyone to his Lean Health YouTube Channel.

Eat Your Vegetables!

Paul Akers is eating healthy in Thailand!

Paul’s Workout

Paul Akers demonstrates his lean workout routine. A simple set of exercises he does everyday to keep in shape.

What I Eat and How I Did It!

Paul Akers discusses how he lost weight and got in the best shape of his life. For more information on Eat, Move, Sleep by Tom Rath, visit his website.

Paul’s Super Smoothie

Paul Akers shows us everything he puts into his super smoothie that he has every day. He also walks us through the My Fitness Pal App that he uses to track his food intake and exercise.

The Road to Health

Paul Akers show us the smoothy he makes every day on his road to better health.

How I eat in China

Paul Akers shows us all the wonderful vegetables available in China and discusses how to eat healthy and “age in reverse”.