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Learning to cook Thai food

Paul Akers takes a Thai cooking class in Thailand. He is learning a lot about Thai ingredients.

Eating Weird Fruit – Seeing food clearly

Paul Akers show us all the wonderful fruit and vegetables available in the market. The only package you should open is the on God made!

Breakfast In India!

Paul Akers describes the amazing breakfast that he has while traveling in India. Keep it fresh!

The pounds come off!

Paul Akers discusses how the pounds are coming off for a lot of his Lean Health followers.

Why bodybuilding at age 93 is a great idea

We watched this TEDx talk given by Charles Eugster in Zurich. So good and funny, too! Get out there and work, move, and eat right!

Skiing at Age 95?

At the age of 95, Klaus Obermeyer is still getting in more ski days than most people half his age.

To read the article, press here.

Lean Health by Paul A. Akers (YouTube Audio)

Lean Health is the fountain of youth in a book. It opens your eyes to the most natural and simple strategy for aging in reverse.

To summarize this entire book in one word it would be “Ferrari.” The secret to excellent health—the answer—is to treat your body like you would treat a Ferrari. A precise and high performance machine that’s exotic, fast, agile and beautiful. If you take care of your body as you would a Ferrari—using only the best fuel and regularly taking it to the best mechanic for maintenance—your body will give you ten times what you put into it, for the duration of your life.

So ask yourself, “Do I treat my body like a Ferrari or a Pinto?”
Your body is a high performance sports car transporting you through life. It is the vehicle you use to experience everything. If your vehicle is in excellent condition, your life experiences will be more full and complete. If you choose to take average care of
your high performance sports car, you should only expect an average life experience. The more you respect your body and care for it the more magic you will experience. Lean Health tells the story of how the author (Paul Akers), went from having average health to having exceptional health in just one year.

Lean Health turns the LEAN model of success for your business… into success for your body.

Lean Heath Travel Essentials

Paul Akers discusses his three travel essentials to keep him on track on his Lean Health journey. For more information on this topic read Chapter 10 of Lean Health.

What is Lean Health?

Paul Akers introduces us to his new book, Lean Health, which tells the story of how he went from average health to exceptional health in just one year. The secret it to treat your body like it is a Ferrari!

Porsche Driving – Racing in the Rain

Paul Akers discusses the Racing in the Rain Chapter in his book Lean Health. See Chapter 15.