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I Lost 60 Pounds

IanbeforeafterHi Paul…Since we chat a few months ago I kept my lean health journey with constant weight loss and absolutely no sickness. People around me got sick 2 or 3 times but I was shielded. I came from 247 to 186 pounds since mid November. 60 pounds in 4 months! My wife with her great support, join me on lean health habits and also lost 33 pounds. I was trying to understand how we could change our minds so quickly, but i got the answer AGAIN from one of your videos, “Don’t accept average”. Thats what I’m focused to do in every aspect of my life. I’m 26 now, my wife is 24 and we both got back to our shape of 8 year ago. I will send you some pictures of before and wile on our lean health. Thank you very much Paul! Ian

China Tea House

Paul Akers discusses the health benefits of tea and how being in a authentic China Tea House is very meditative.

Fueling my Ferrari

Paul Akers discusses how he is training for Ironman. Specifically what he eats each day.

Ironman Challenge

Paul Akers is taking the challenge and will compete in the Ironman.

Paul discusses the new equipment he got for snorkeling.

For more information on Aqua Sphere Goggles and Snorkel, go to their website.

Form more information on Sony Waterproof Walkman, go to their website.

Walking in the Rain

John Tevis sent us this video stating if Paul can do it, he can do it. Way to go John!!!

Average Sucks – Pt 2

Paul Akers discusses his exercise routine at 55 years old.

Thanks Paul!

before-afterThanks Paul! It all started with me reading Lean Health as a fat slob while sipping a venti caramel macchiato! I realized I was going to die of a heart attack if I didn’t make a change… so I made a change that day and haven’t consumed poisonous processed sugar or any other bad food since. I’m all in.

Elementary School With Standing Desks

People always ask me why do we stand up at FastCap. Is there any empirical data that suggest that it’s a better way to work? Maybe we have a little bit of the answer in this quick article.


Are you treating your body like a Ferrari?

Eating Healthy V. Eating Junk Food

Paul Akers shares a video from Alex who is changing his life after reading Lean Health.