Fasting | Dr.Tony Hampton

Paul Akers has been discussing “fasting” for Dr. Tony Hampton, author of Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes. For more information on this book, visit this link.

13.08.17 | Categories: Lean, Lean Health

How I Eat

Paul Akers discuss how he eats to stay lean.

04.08.17 | Categories: Lean, Lean Food, Lean Health

Lake Placid Ironman this Sunday!

Arrived in Lake Placid. Sunday is the Ironman. Had a great dinner, swam, and biked the course, getting ready for this epic event.

20.07.17 | Categories: Lean, Lean Food, Lean Health

What do you do when you get home from work?

21.06.17 | Categories: 2 Second Lean, Lean, Lean Health, eBlast

Steelcase’s “Curious Minds” Greeting

Paul Akers greets those who will be at Steelcase’s “Curious Minds” event on October 6, 2017 in Grand Rapids, MI. Paul will be speaking about his journey with Lean Health.

Lean Rental Car

Paul Akers discusses his Lean process for checking out a rental car.

26.05.17 | Categories: Fix What Bugs You, Lean, Lean Health, Lean Travel

Workout with your dog

James Orrigo, of Lad in a Battle, sent us me video and said, “…I have been listening to your book Lean Health and it has been super motivating! I figured you would get a kick out of this video using our dog Roca to help with morning workouts 🙂 its a work in progress ha…”

Please go to his website and check out the great work he is doing for children who are suffering in the pediatric oncology units!

28.04.17 | Categories: Lean, Lean Health

Airline Lounge Orientation

Paul Akers recommends looking around at airports and airport lounges. Sometime the best stuff is a little harder to find.

06.01.17 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Lean, Lean Health, Lean Travel

Magical Kona

Paul Akers is living the dream in Kona, riding the half ironman route.

16.12.16 | Categories: Lean, Lean Health

Is your Sushi Lean?

Paul Akers takes us along to a Sushi restaurant in Japan…and it is Lean!

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