Is your Sushi Lean?

Paul Akers takes us along to a Sushi restaurant in Japan…and it is Lean!

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Giving the customer what they want

Lower Your Cholesterol

Want to lower your cholesterol? Max Lemberger sent us video show us how!

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Why I am Successful at Lean Health?

Goal Reached!

Why I am Successful at Lean Health?

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27 Minute Mile Swim in Nagoya Japan

Paul Akers never lets travel get in the way of his training and Lean Health.

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Lean Krav Maga Gym Bag

Chris Hotze, of Crescere Capital Management, sent us this video showing how he used Lean to organize his Krav Maga Bag. Stops the struggle each morning getting ready to go to the gym!

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Waste at the Broken Yolk Restaurant

Paul Akers and his Mom check out customer waste at the Broken Yolk Restaurant.

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Long Flight? No Problem!

Paul Akers doesn’t let a long flight keep him from exercise!

For more information on Living With A Navy Seal, go to this link.

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Mountain Biking with Lukas

Went mountain biking with Lukas yesterday…what a blast!

And I made a little salad to complement my big mountain bike ride! Eating healthy the only way.


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Do you have hip hop pants?

Lean Health changed my life


“At 66, Lean Health changed my life” ~Max Lemberger

Press here to watch his video.

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