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Beau Clip Count

Peter and Skyler find a creative way to count FastCap’s BeauClips. That’s using your wits, not your wallet!

Mondo Grout Gun Tube Improvement

Greg hit all the points on this improvement…safety, quality, simpler, and faster. Very well done!

Storing Power Shear

Jen uses a FastCap Power Mag for Screw Gun to keep the Power Shears stored safely.

Dryer Hose Improvements

Peter and Skyer fix what bugs them by making improvements to the dryer hose.

3rd Hand Mag Door | Poka-yoke

Truman uses Poka-yoke to make sure the 3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier Door station stays Lean.

Lean Vacuum Bags

Greg and Tyler fixed what bugs them today by one simple and one less simple improvement to the woodshop vacuum.

Lean Box Pallet

Lyle organizes the box pallet area and also adds a kanban. To learn more about kanbans, see this video.

Lean Turret Forklift

Lukas comes up with improvement after improvement on the Turret Forklift. Way to go, Lukas!