ER2 Says Thanks

Emily Gonzales (Boser) of Electronic Responsible Recyclers (ER2) sent us this video saying thanks for the FastCap Tour. Cool!

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Paul on The Productivity Show


Paul’s interview on The Productivity Show just went live! Check it out to learn what businesses can do to tap into unused employee genius to improve their organization!

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FastCap Dog at Work

FastCap processes are so good, even a dog (Liberty) can ship the orders!


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Paul Akers YouTube Channel

Paul Akers decided to separate out Paul Akers Channel from FastCap’s Channel. So if you want Paul Akers (e.g., 2 Second Lean, Lean Health, Lean Travel, Lean Hub, The American Innovator, Paul’s Crazy Adventures, etc.) go to the Paul Akers Channel. If you want information of FastCap and all our innovative products, go to the FastCap Channel.

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Become A Lean Thinker In Any Language

We now have the Becoming a Lean Thinker video translated into seven languages!


Spanish / español

French / français

Chinese / chinois

German / Deutsch

Russian / Рyсский

Portuguese / Português

Portuguese (Brazilian) / Português Brasileiro

2 Second Improvement – Hand Dryer

Paul Akers demonstrates how to “fix what bugs you” at FastCap.

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What lean is all about

Dear FastCap Team:

It is so important that we utilize common sense when making improvements if we don’t we will look like everyone else. If you want to know commonsense looks like it is very simple:

– Spend every dollar and every second of time you work as if you were paying the bills. Other People’s money has no value, but when it’s yours it changes everything!!!

– when I flew to Mercedes-Benz to speak to them they offered to fly me in business class. It would’ve been about $8,000. I said no, I will fly economy I wouldn’t spend my money that way so I’m not going to spend yours any different than I would spend mine. When you spend other peoples money like it’s yours, then and only then do you truly understand what lean is all about.


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How do you Manage your Email?

Paul Akers discusses how he manages his email (up to 300 a day) using the lean technique of one piece flow.

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Paul Akers’s 2015 Year End Message

Paul Akers discusses the nitty-gritty of lean at his house. A true confession for more 3S’ing (Sweep, Sort & Standardize) and quality.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Hand Dryer Lean Improvement

Paul Akers show us his improvement for the day…creating a ski ramp for the hand dryer so the water and air moves out from the wall.

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