Lean Spray N Wipe

Strong Visual Controls

Lukas uses strong visual controls to help others make the right cuts

Lean Best Fence Stop

Matt uses #strongvisualcontrols to make sure there is no confusion with the Best Fence Stop build.

Lean FastPipe Pallet

Saed, Tyler, Peter, and Adam worked together to make is easier to load/unload FastPipe parts. #2secondlean #lean #fixwhatbugsyou #fastcaplean #stopthestruggle #neverstopimproving #banishsloppiness #continuousimprovement #leanthinking

Lean Kaizen Foam Scraper build

Katie and Lukas work together to solve problems with the Kaizen Foam Scraper build.

Lean Food Marking in Frig

Lean Screws

Even small improvements can make a big difference. Thanks, Matt!

Lean Aluminum Chips

Skyler and Adam come up with a creative solution to fix what bugs them!

Lean Jack of All Trades build

Peter uses #strongvisualcontrol to make the Jack of All Trades build easier!

Lean Grinder Hose

Saed, with the help of Lukas, continues to fix what bugs him with the shop vac hose.