2019 Year End Message

Paul Akers discusses the most important thing he learned on his Lean journey this year.

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No Slogans or Awards

Paul Akers discusses why there are no slogans and awards at FastCap.

The Purpose of 3S’ing

3S = Sweep, Sort, & Standardize

Kanbans Pt 2

On this week’s show, Lukas Holland walks through how FastCap uses barcodes and QR codes.

Lean Vacuuming

Peter and Skyler come up with a creative way to vacuum under work tables using FastCap’s FastPipe and FastWrap.

Kanbans Pt 1

On this week’s show, Paul Akers and Lukas Holland walk through how FastCap does Kanbans.

Lean Label Lineup

Zack shows the Lean way to line up the product label on our Blue Dogs.

The Purpose of 3S’ing

Paul Akers explains the purpose of 3S’ing.

Lean Fastcap Cover Caps Orders

Lukas organizes the Fastcap Cover Caps to make it much easier and Lean to fill orders.

Lean Clamshell

Lukas uses a crimper we had on had to close the clamshell. Much more Lean than the stapler!

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