The American Innovator – Global Lean Leadership Summit 2015 – Lean Leadership Institute

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator show, shares another presentation from Global Lean Leadership Summit 2015 that took place in August in NW Washington State. This week's presentation is by George Trachilis, of Lean Leadership Institute. A big thanks to George for filming/editing/publishing these videos!!! For more information on the Lean Leadership Institute, visit their website.

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2 Second Lean Music Video

Jaclyn, a third year Electrical Engineering major at UCLA, sent us this video and said, “I was an intern for Clark Construction this past summer, and my mentor recommended your Two Second Lean book. I really enjoyed reading it, so I want to thank you very much for introducing me to Lean concepts. For my final intern presentation, I was told that I could make a five-minute presentation on anything I learned during my internship, so I decided to center my presentation around Lean principles and how my team integrated Lean into our day-to-day routine. Also, I am in an a cappella group and really enjoy singing, so I decided to make it into a music video.” So cool!!!