To Go Lean, You First Must Lead

Transforming an organization into a lean operation means empowering employees and being a cheerleader for change. This is a great article on a great organization that we discussed at our Morning Meeting.

Xylem Design is building an open culture that encourages and motivates employees to improve manufacturing processes.

Birthday Dive

Paul Akers, of The American Innovator broadcast, goes scuba diving in Maui on his birthday. Paul uses FastCap’s Stealth iPole and the Astak Camera to shoot this video.

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10 Wastes


I just had a huge triumph it feels like. I brought this 10 wastes summary to our team meeting and initiated a discussion of how our current projects are actually targeting these various wastes. In a matter of minutes my boss was suddenly identifying these all over the place, and especially highlighting the “Untapped Creativity” one. I never expected that to happen.

It just shows, if you keep it simple, way more people can get on board the Lean Express.

Thanks, Daniel


We watched this video at a recent Morning Meeting at FastCap. So moving!