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Whiteboard 5.0

Marc St. Arnaud, of Hahn & Houle LLP, sent us this video showing an update to their whiteboard fix!

Whiteboard 5.0 from Hahn & Houle LLP on Vimeo.

No more spreadsheets

Marc St. Arnaud, of Hahn & Houle LLP, sent us this video showing how they fixed what bugs them!

Wonderful Whiteboard from Hahn & Houle LLP on Vimeo.

The Lean Crutch!

Paul Akers explains how having surgery on his foot has taught him so much about Lean and the waste of motion.

Deep Respect for Resources

Rhonda and Paul show respect and gratitude for the FastCap facility by keeping it pristine.

Packrats Beware!

Paul Akers show the before and after of using FastCap’s Kaizen Foam to organize our kitchen cupboards and drawers.

For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam, visit our website.

Leading a Lean Thinking & Lean Health Revolution

Q1: How can we create workplaces where every voice matters, everyone thrives & finds meaning, and change & innovation happen naturally?

That’s really easy and is done if you believe everybody has something to contribute. But if you’re a leader and you think you’re the smartest one and have all the answers, then you’ll never create that environment. And even more importantly, as the leader, you must be willing to celebrate it when people come up with ideas that are more creative and insightful than yours. You must believe philosophically that people are smart and have the capacity to come up with better ideas than you. ~Paul

To see the rest of the Q&A with Paul Akers in the Forward Thinking Workplaces article, press here.

Wanna see some crazy improvements for 2017?

Paul check in with FastCap team members about their favorite 2 Second Lean improvement in 2017. What’s yours?

Tape Measure Check Station

Paul Akers discusses his 2 Second Lean improvement where he makes a tape measure check station. He used the following FastCap products for this project:
Peel & Stick Tape Measure
Miracle Latch

AME Boston 2017 | Speaking Event

In case you missed this during the holidays, here is Paul Akers’ keynote address at the AME Boston 2017 event.