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Morning Meeting Improvement

Paul Akers straightens up the Morning Meeting area using FastCap’s Kaizen Foam.

For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam, visit our website.

What is Servant Leadership?

“It’s not about you” Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Life)

Have you made your 2 Second Improvement Today?

Sometimes all you need is a little reminder everyday…and the built in affirmation isn’t bad, either.

Want to see some Lean shoelaces?

Michael shows off his magnetic shoeslaces that are alway at the right tension!

Variation is the Enemy

Thinking of laying off staff? Don’t do it. Variation creates a tremendous amount of waste. Focus on getting the right people on the bus!

Creating a Lean, Mean Distribution Machine

Check out Bridget McCrea’s article in TED Magazine.

“Paul Akers, president at FastCap, a product development company in Ferndale, Wash., and author of 2 Second Lean, says he’s inundated by associations and individual organizations that want to know more about lean. “It’s insane,” says Akers. “I get speaking requests every day from somewhere in the world. I can’t even keep up with it.”

Driving this demand, says Akers, is the lean’s transition from being an extremely analytical and technical concept, to one which primarily involves people. Where companies used to hire outside consultants to come in and “lean out” their facilities—a strategy that Akers says often failed—they’re now focusing on building out corporate cultures and creating lean-centric training programs.” To read the entire article, press here.

Lean Green or Black Belt?

Look what happens when Paul Akers is asked whether he has a Green or Black Belt in Lean?

Lean is Practical and Beautiful

Paul Akers used FastCap’s SpeedBrace to create a floating bench in his entry way. This just show how Lean is practical and beautiful!