Lean Chicken Water

09.10.18 | Categories: *Contains Videos, 2 Second Lean, Lean, Lean Farms

Lean Pallet Jack

Lukas fixes up the laptop on the pallet jack, and also adds a scanner, to make life easier for Jake.

Lean Powerpoint for Morning Meeting

Lyle and Jayme come up with a better way to update the FastCap Principles on the Powerpoint for the Morning Meeting.

Lean Shipping Table

Jen re-did the Kaizen Foam on the shipping table to make it more efficient. For more information on FastCap’s Kaizen Foam, visit our website.

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Need to improve job site safety?

Lean is Practical and Beautiful

Paul Akers used FastCap’s SpeedBrace to create a floating bench in his entry way. This just show how Lean is practical and beautiful!

Lean Gone Wild

Paul Akers uses Lean to improve how he waters his yard…and has a little fun, to boot!

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How many improvements can you make in a month?

Check out this incredible 2 Second Lean improvement video by Seating Matters! You gotta love these guys!

Lean Welding Pedal

Tyler uses some hook and loop tape to fix what bugs him.

Clear ChopShop Sawhood

Paul Akers designed a Clear ChopShop Sawhood made with plexiglass for his home shop. His chop saw sits in from of the window so he didn’t want to block the light, or see the saw from outside. This currently isn’t a FastCap product, but base on interest, it might be.