Archive for Lean Fastcap – Page 35

Lean Visual Controls – Pocket Chisel

Paul shows us how to take a good station and make it even better with Lean using strong visual controls.

Lean Sign Scanner Improvement

Andrey walks us through a Lean inventory system improvement.

Lean Garden Tools

FastCap Team members take a messy garden corner and make it lean!

Lean SD Card Reader

Andrey tells us about something that bugged him and how he fixed it.

Brittney’s Lean Improvement

Brittney discusses Lean ideas to improve the 2P-10 work area.

Lean is used for Wax Sticks Improvement

FastCap Team members discuss improving the wax sticks area.

Improving Marc’s desk station

Marc discusses improving his desk station with Lean. Who knew a stand up desk could feel so good?

FastEdge Rack Lean Improvement

Alexi and Tim discuss using Lean to improve working with the FastEdge rack.

Tim uses Lean to improve his work area

Tim discusses how he used Lean and FastCap’s Electric Trim Ring (ETR) to improve his work area.

Cindy uses Lean to improve the gondola

FastCap Team members discuss using Lean to improve the gondola.