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FastCap Bathroom | Lean Bathroom

You would think that our famous FastCap Bathroom would be perfect since we always say Lean starts in the bathroom! Every FastCap tour starts with our visitors cleaning our bathroom! But Jen found a few more ways to improve our bathroom. Always improving!

“The Chomper”

Tyler improves the Beau Clip station, and then Peter takes it one step further. And then Tyler and Peter take it another step! Never stop improving!

For more information on FastCap’s BeauClip, visit our website.

Reversible Box Stand

Dennis and Tyler created a Reversible Box Stand that can be either 30° or 45°. What a simple improvement that will make it a lot easier to grab inventory out of a box.

Red Light Forklift Warning

Lukas describes how he changed out the red light to provide ease of use for the forklift driver and more protection for the workers.

Lukas used a controller from FastCap’s Remote Control Vacuum (RCV) to help solve this problem. For more information on FastCap’s Remote Control Vacuum (RCV), visit our website.

Mag Door Station Improvements

Truman improves the 3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier Door workstation by creatively using existing FastCap FastPipe products.

For more information on FastCap’s 3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier Door System, visit our website.

For more information on FastCap’s FastPipe, visit our website.

Hand Dryer Drips

Lukas shows us a creative way to keep the hand dryer from dripping on the floor! Love Lean solutions!!!

What do you do when people won’t follow the process?

Paul Akers discusses how to deal with people who don’t follow the process.

Lean Laptop Charging

Jacob shows how by spending a few minutes, he can fix something that bugged him every single day!

Never stop improving!

Tyler and Dennis go to great lengths to improve the Euro Door Stop packaging process. No stone left unturned!

For more information on FastCap’s Euro Door Stop, visit our website.