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Lean: Fine Line Automation

It is great to see lean in action at other organizations! Here are some videos from Fine Line Automation showing how they are incorporating lean principles.

Lean: Fork Lift

Lean: Extrusion Rack

Lean: Miter Saw Hood

Lean: Drill Press

Lean Morning Improvement Walk

In the spirit of Kaizen (continuous improvement) we take a morning walk around the facility to see how, and what can be improved everyday!

Lean: The Morning Meeting

The driving force behind the FastCap lean culture!

Typical Daily Lean Improvements

Andrey and Paul walk us through a simple yet effective lean improvement using our own FastEdge!

Lean Executive Office

How to change the way you think about a conventional office. Lean thinking is a powerful way of thinking, that eliminates waste at every turn and where you would least expect. Paul Akers takes you on his lean journey to creating a lean work place and a super lean office.

Lean Bathroom

Paul Akers discusses how they leaned out their bathroom at FastCap.

Lean Notepad

Paul explains how to use Lean to improve his work space. Too many notes is a result of being so good at Lean!!!

Lean at Home 1

How Paul Akers practice lean manufacturing at home. People always ask him “do you do lean at home?” Yes yes yes, he is always improving everything and the quality of his life is forever improving. This is a quick video of Paul answering that question.

Lean kitchen

Paul Akers talks about how they leaned our their kitchen at FastCap.

Lean: The Secret To Our Communication

Paul Akers responds to a follow up question from one of the recent tours at FastCap.