What do you do when your boss doesn’t get Lean?

Mondo Grout Gun Tube Improvement

Greg hit all the points on this improvement…safety, quality, simpler, and faster. Very well done!

Lean Intercom

Lukas and Brady hooked up an intercom and used Lean to demonstrate how to use it.

My Boss Doesn’t Get LEAN!

Paul Akers discusses how to do Lean when your boss or co-workers don’t get Lean.

Waste and Long Term Thinking

Paul Akers discusses the importance of long term thinking when seeing waste and and doing Lean.

Are You Passing On Waste To Your Customer?

Is your glass too big?

Thanks Adrian Kierans for posting this on LinkedIn….and thanks Antonio Marco for bringing it to my attention!

Some people see a glass that is half full
Others see it half empty
I see a glass that’s Twice as big as it needs to be!!!
~ George Carlin

10.12.17 | Categories: Lean, See Waste

Are you taking standardization to the max?

Cold Water Waste

The folks at Walters & Wolf know how to make videos that get their point across and are humorous, too!

08.07.17 | Categories: Lean, See Waste

Are You Passing On Waste To Your Customer?

Thomas Riner, of Farming Outside the Box, can see waste anywhere. That’s why we love his videos!

08.06.17 | Categories: Lean, Lean Farms, Lean Homes, See Waste