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Keep the rope tight, or else!

Ashley Bailey and his son William Bailey discuss the importance of keeping the rope tight.

Cord Drawer Organization

Check out Noah’s first 2 Second Lean video…he is a natural!!!

Finding the Root Cause

Ashley Bailey and his daughter Katie schools us on Lean!

100% Clean 100% of the Time

Gabriel shares his contribution to cleaning up the common area room.

MagBand to the rescue!

William Bailey fixes what bugs him by using a FastCap MagBand to keep his pen exactly where he needs it!

William 3S’es his Bedroom

Watch this two minute awesome video of William Bailey 3S’ing his bedroom. What if all kids thought like this? Can you imagine what the world would look like?

Have you been naughty or nice?

William Bailey explains the Japanese idea Hansei…perhaps a bit too honest 🙂

What do your kids know about lean?

Thomas Riner, of Fancy Hill Farms, sent us this video showing what his son about the 8 wastes.

Amazing Lean School

Paul Akers visits an elementary school in the Nagoya area where the kids to EVERYTHING!

Waste not, want not!

Paul Akers shows us how the kids in a Japanese school do not waste any food at lunch. Amazing!