Lean Kubota Rack

Paul Akers and Dimitri use FastCap’s Kaizen Foam to organize tool on the Kubota. Sometimes you have to slow down in order to go fast!

Lean Grill Cleaning | Weekend Improvements

Paul Akers shares the Lean way he cleans his grill and the BBQ entire area.

Lean Firewood Storage

Paul Akers discusses the whole process of wood storage at his house.

15.08.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Lean Homes

Want to see some Lean Firewood?

Paul Akers discusses how he stores his wood for winter.

Lean Bee Keeping Day 4

Paul Akers discusses the work involved in keeping bees.

He got the idea of the Flow Hive from Thomas Riner, Farming Outside the Box. If you haven’t seen any of his Lean Farming videos, you’re missing out!

09.08.19 | Categories: *Contains Videos, Bees, Lean, Lean Homes

Lean Bike Stand

Paul Akers discusses the Lean bike stand he created last weekend using FastCap’s Stealth SpeedBrace.

Lean Bathroom

Paul Akers used FastCap’s Kaizen Foam for his 2 Second Lean improvement in his bathroom.

Guitar Stringing Station

Paul Akers shows off his newly made guitar stringing station. Another favorite improvement brought to you by Lean!

100 Improvements

Paul Akers shows off the 100 Improvements he made in 4 days.

Guitar Stand Improvement