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Lean Bathroom Cleaning

Paul Akers demonstrates how to clean a bathroom the lean way (using Lean Principles)!

2 Second Lean Book Introduction

Paul Akers discusses his book 2 Second Lean and why he wrote it.

Interview by Mark Graban

Paul Akers is interviewed by Mark Graban about his book 2 Second Lean. Check it out!

And here is a follow up Q&A.

Lean 50% improvement vs 2 Second Improvement

Paul Akers answers a question from a listener about 50% improvement vs 2 second improvement and Lean Principles. For more information about 2 Second Lean, visit our website.

Amazon Team Review What They Learn On FastCap Tour

The Amazon team review of FastCap’s Learn To See Tour. For more information about FastCap, visit our website.

Thomas and Suzie Visit FastCap

Thomas and Suzie came from a large bank in Slovakia to work with FastCap for 30 days to learn how we build a lean culture.

Lean FastCap Style

Paul Akers and Andrey go over using Kaizen (lean manufacturing) to improve a process at FastCap (featuring FastCap’s 2p-10 Activator). To learn more about FastCap, visit our website:

Lean Morning Improvement Walk

In the spirit of Kaizen (continuous improvement) we take a morning walk around the facility to see how, and what can be improved everyday!

Lean: The Morning Meeting

The driving force behind the FastCap lean culture!

Typical Daily Lean Improvements

Andrey and Paul walk us through a simple yet effective lean improvement using our own FastEdge!