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What do you do when people won’t follow the process?

Paul Akers discusses how to deal with people who don’t follow the process.

Secret weapon against the moles

Want to know my secret…and Lean…weapon against moles?

Lean Laptop Charging

Jacob shows how by spending a few minutes, he can fix something that bugged him every single day!

Want to see what happens when Lean goes wild?

Paul Akers uses Lean to improve how he waters his yard…and has a little fun, to boot!

Never stop improving!

Tyler and Dennis go to great lengths to improve the Euro Door Stop packaging process. No stone left unturned!

For more information on FastCap’s Euro Door Stop, visit our website.

Holding Down the Papers

Peter shows us how he holds down the papers using FastCap PowerMag and MagBand.

For more information on FastCap’s MagBand, visit our website.

For more information on FastCap’s PowerMags, visit our website.

Honda X ADV Review

Paul Akers is at the Honda Factory in Kumamoto, Japan, where they make the Honda X ADV Bike. After test riding the bike & touring the factory, Paul provides his review.

Lean Dust Collection

Dennis, Greg, & Matt discuss the improvement they made to the sander, changing the dust collection point…and fixing what bugs them!

Canadian LEAN Conference Talk

Here is the Keynote Highlight video from my talk at the CME (Canadian LEAN Conference) in Winnipeg, Manitoba a few weeks back.

Meet Dax, a lean maniac!

Dax sent us this video showing all his Lean improvements to his workbench. The sky is the limit for Dax!

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