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Organizing your tool chest?

Ted Pancoast, of Ted Pancoast Woodworking, shared this video showing how he used Kaizen Foam to organize his tool chest.

Next Japan Study Mission

Paul Akers discusses the upcoming Japan Study Missions that will take place this April, 2-18. For more information on the Japan Study Mission, go to this link.

YouTube Double Tap Fast Forward

A day ago Paul Akers shared a video showing how to fast forward a YouTube video on the iPhone ( Well Derrick Holland saw the video and pointed out that if you double tap in the front or back, it will go back or advance by 10 seconds. Nice tip

Yokoten – when people transmit information across an organization so everyone can learn together.

Organizing Cords

Paul Akers demonstrates his simple 2 Second Improvements for today. Are you fixing something that bugs you each day?

Want to fast forward YouTube videos on iOS?

Paul Akers shows how to increase the playback speed in iOS.

Lean Ladders

Glenn Rieker, from MKE Greenworks, send us this video solving the age old problem of where to grab the ladder so it is balance. So simple. So wonderful. So Lean!

Here is a link to his original video and their website.

Thank you Tadahiro Kawada

Paul Akers and Team 17 of the Japan Study Mission say thanks to Tadahiro Kawada for the job site visit where lots of Lean learning took place.

Super Fast Airports

Paul Akers discusses the fast and cool Kagoshima Airport. They only require you to show up 20 minutes early: 5 minutes to check in; 5 minutes for security; and 10 minutes at the gate.