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Wrench Storage Improvement

Skyler comes up with a simple solution to help folks put the wrenches back correctly.

2 Second Lean Rack Improvement

Jen and Jayme clean up the signs in the 2 Second Lean Book rack…and improve the process so they won’t need cleaned up for a long time!

2P 10 Station Improvements

Lyle shares a number of improvements he did at the 2P 10 Station.

3rd Hand Magnetic Strip Station

Truman shares the improvements he and Alisha made to the 3rd Hand Magnetic Strip Station.

Chapter 21 – What is Money For?

On this week’s show, we listen to Chapter 21 of the brand new audio-book rendition of the Henry Ford 1926 classic, “Today and Tomorrow” brought to you by Generosity Press.

FastPipe Station Improvement

Truman discusses the improvements he made to the FastPipe Station.

Finding Light Switches

Jacob uses FastCap’s Kaizen Korners to help show the orientation of the light switch.

Lathe Boring Bar Improvement

Dennis gets creative measuring the boring bar on the metal lathe.