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4 Lean Books!

Paul Akers discuss his 4 Lean Books, 2 Second Lean, Lean Health, Lean Travel, and in 2019, Lean Life will be available. For more information on Paul’s book, press here.

Looking for a last minute present?

Paul’s books are the gifts that will change someone’s life!  For more information, press here.

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Airline Lounge Orientation

Paul Akers recommends looking around at airports and airport lounges. Sometime the best stuff is a little harder to find.

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Lean Travel – My Top Tips

Please note, our iPole products (including the iPole Mini, iPole Stealth, iPole Trekking, & SuperMount), the iGooseNeck, the iClip, and all RhinoMount products have been discontinued.

Paul Akers provides his top travel tips that he discusses in his new book, Lean Travel.

For more information on Lean Travel, press here.

For more information on FastCap’s iPole, visit our website.

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Introducing Lean Travel

Often when I read books, I’m not quite sure what the author’s main point is, so I find myself racking my brain to figure out what he or she is trying to communicate. This can be frustrating and time-consuming, so when I write, I want my meaning to be as clear as possible.

To make it easier for my readers, I try to include a section that explicitly summarizes it into just one simple concept. For example, in my first book, 2 Second Lean, the goal was to teach the reader to “learn to see waste.” In my second book, Lean Health, I said I wanted you to “treat your body like you would treat a Ferrari.” With Lean Travel, I want to show you how to “travel light and with a grateful heart.”

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How to write a book

Paul Akers discusses the mechanics he used to write his books:
2 Second Lean
Lean Health
Lean Travel

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